For 14 years PhillipsandLloyd was my bricks and mortar independent book shop on the Square in  Hayesville, North Carolina.  People always asked me "where did you get that name?"  Phillips was my mother's maiden name and Lloyd was my father's name.   The two names together made a unique store name that honored my parents and sounded just right for the character of a book shop on the downtown square.   

In addition to books, we had a coffee shop,a store cat, big easy chairs and all kinds of gift and craft items.  In our last years, I added my own knitting and beaded shawl pins to the assortment of gifts found throughout the shop.   

Our local "mountain made items" included wood turning and carving, knitting, beading, stained glass, sourwood honey, country jams and jellies, local photography and the artwork of several local artists.  At one time we were the only place in town where you could buy a post card of Hayesville, NC as part of a very large local color book section about the area. 

When I retired from bookselling and closed the bookshop, I joined a local arts and crafts guild and participated in seasonal arts and craft shows for several years.  This encouraged me to branch out and establish my own on-line Etsy shop in 2017 which I continued to call PhillipsandLloyd.

Now in 2020, I reached a long time goal of setting up my own website for PhillipsandLloyd.   The website and my Etsy shop enable me to continue showcasing my knitting, beading and quilting to an even larger audience.  

Thanks for visiting PhillipsandLloyd today.